9 July 2014

Playing with pasta...

There's been something on my wish list for a while....
I've always wanted to make my own pasta!
I finally grabbed a bag of Tipo '00' flour and grabbed my little helpers for some messy fun.

We borrowed my mum's pasta rolling machine and proceeded to make a huge mess!

My girl was quick to learn and soon was rolling the dough out all by herself.
We rolled it into sheets and then the kids cut out shapes with cookie cutters.

I rolled a little extra and cut some fettucine for my "grown up lunch".

It was quick to cook...

They love their pasta plain and simple, but both with different types of cheese, of course!

Meanwhile I stirred in a little basil pesto for my green grown up lunch.

We followed the easy recipe and directions from Jamie Oliver's site over here.

The pasta tasted good, but the mess to clean up afterwards was not so great!
I'd like to make it again, maybe with less little hands though.

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