15 June 2014


Hello, my name is Clare.
I used to write a little blog called Blogginess (click to check it out).
I haven't written anything back there since 2012.
It was a big year!
My life changed dramatically in so many ways.
Since then I have experienced so many ups and downs, being a single mother for most of the time.
But now, things are different.
I am engaged to a wonderful man.
My kids are happy at preschool, settled and have lovely friends.
I feel at home and welcome in my amazing church, and in my new country town.
And now I have decided to stop and make time for me.
Writing is something that I enjoy (even if I am not very good at it!).
I loved the blogging community I was engaged with last time I blogged and am hoping to reconnect with old friends, and even make new ones.

But for now.....
It's 10:25pm, and was past bedtime for this mumma!
Hope to see you back again soon!

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