18 June 2014

It's the little things...

Today is Wednesday.
Wednesdays are pretty special.
They are my ONE kid-free day for the week.
Yes, I get the freedom to do whatever I like!
I get the freedom to choose when I will hang up that load of clean washing.
I get the freedom to go to the toilet all by myself with the door closed.
I get the freedom to eat chocolate without having to hide it.
I get the freedom to listen to my own music, without demanding children screaming out song requests.
I get the freedom to watch "grown up tv", without worrying my children will catch a glimpse of something scary.
I get the freedom to eat lunch. At lunch time.
I get the freedom to look at my giant pile of library books and pick one to actually open and look at.
I get peace and quiet.
Oh, the quiet I savour.
A little time alone is all I need to refresh.
But when 2pm rolls around, I'll be ready, waiting and eager to pick up my kids from preschool, to walk home together and listen to the stories of their day.
Because without them at home with me all day, it's nowhere near as much fun.

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