26 June 2014

Just Another Chaotic Morning...

This morning was like most.
Rushing around trying to do 6 things at once.
"Get dressed!"
"Brush your hair."
"Eat your breakfast."
"Don't ignore me, can you please LISTEN!"

My daughter was adamant.
She did not want to get dressed.
Instead, she wanted to sit and eat her toast with the tiniest nibbles.
I was getting frustrated.

"You don't want to go to preschool in your pajamas do you?? Everyone will think you are silly and laugh at you!"
Yes, mother of the year award goes to me.... Teaching my child she will be teased if she looks different to everyone else. What was I thinking!
Oh, wait, I was not thinking at all...
I was running late.

"Yes! I do want to wear them to preschool, and I can show all my friends."

Well..... That backfired!
My quick attempt to motivate her turned into a stubborn stand off.
I won.
I walked over to her, kneeled down so we looked eye to eye and said in my stern cranky mummy voice.
"You need to get dressed now."

And, voila!
It worked!

We weren't terribly late, so it gave us a little extra time for our chilly walk.
There was frost everywhere, in all the shadows.
We looked at grass, leaves, studied the lines of ice and melted it with our warm fingers.

This morning was like most.
A lovely one.

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