21 June 2014

The Best Nest Craft Activity

Have you ever read the story, The Best Nest?
I have fond memories of reading this cute little story when I was a young girl.
I loved it.
When I spotted a well-loved copy of the book in our local library I jumped at the opportunity to share the story with my kids.
It has turned into a favourite bedtime story of theirs.
Every night they huddle together in my lap and listen, even reading along the parts that they know so well.
The story has a lovely meaning to it, teaching that we should be happy with what we have, and not always strive to have bigger and better, because it isn't always really the best.

Mondays are typically our crafting days together. We are all at home and this week I was organized enough to come up with something I knew they would love.
I found a tutorial over here for a paper bag nest.
Then remembered I had stuff lying around to make some cute little egg carton chicks from the tutorial over here.

We followed the story and shredded extra paper to make "hay", raided my yarn stash to add the "sweater wool" but had to stop there as the nest was getting quite full.

The nests were so easy to make, we went in our own creative direction with the chicks (plus my daughter made an egg too) but these simple little things kept my kids happily playing together for over an hour!
No fighting, no tantrums, no crying to mum about what so-and-so did or said to who....
Just peace, quiet, and a lot of tweet tweets.

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